Our Team

Rebbecca has experience helping business leaders implement tools and frameworks for a more resilient and restorative future while increasing the engagement of stakeholders.

Clients sit across multiple industries. Her credentials include Green Star Accredited Practitioner (GSAP), Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Practitioner (ISAP), a certified verifier for sustainability with the Golf Environment Organisation, also, the New Zealand and Australian Third-Party Verifier (3PV) for Declare.

With more than a decade of practical experience in assessments, implementation, management, analysis and communication, Rebbecca is able to enable you and your organisation towards a sustainable and resilient future.  

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Current Candidate for Master of Professional Practice (Otago Polytechnic) 

  • Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice (Otago Polytechnic)

  • Diploma in Environment & Sustainability (The Open Polytechnic)

  • Certificate in Business Studies (Massey University)

  • Green Star Accredited Professional 'GSAP' (NZ Green Building Council)

  • Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional 'ISAP' (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia)

  • GEO Certified Accredited Verifier

  • Declare 3PV (Third Party Verifier - NZ & Australia)


Director | Principal Consultant


Assistant Extraordinaire

With experience in inspecting commercial and residential properties for compliance and structural issues, not much gets past Jody. It was this time in the construction industry that provided a solid foundation in research and report writing, as well as having a knowledge of keeping across legislative requirements. 


It is fitting that Jody has joined the Green Start team, with a long term passion for sustainability that is ingrained in her lifestyle.  Blending this with an aptitude for creativity and engaging stakeholders through effective communication mean that Jody is a gem; for us here at Green Start, for those who work with us directly, and those whom we can influence indirectly. 


When she isn't running her own business or saving Rebbecca from losing her marbles, you can find Jody spending quality time with her family and friends; out in nature; providing support care and being a creative artist. 

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Diploma in Business Studies

  • Diploma in Interior Design


The Dog

Shade is our resident rescue dog. 


Beaten, starved and finally abandoned as a six-month-old pup during the second lockdown, being able to hang out at the Clean Energy Centre with all the other awesome people and their dogs has been a huge part of her therapy.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Quality control - food

  • Door watcher and hand sniffer