Green IQ: Sustainable Business 101

Short courses to get your business sustainability savvy

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Green IQ is a series of short courses designed to get you and your team up to speed on all things sustainability related. You can choose to complete the series or to only complete one short course for a topic that is a mystery. Perfect for organisations wanting to upskill and increase in-house efficiencies without spending a fortune in fees and downtime. These courses will provide the tools to enable enagagement, improved collaboration and perhaps most importantly improve business resilience. Offering a mixed-mode delivery program (workshop and digital delivery) the Green IQ program is grounded in the four pillars of sustainability: People; Planet; Prosperity and Progress and a well-recognised strategic framework. This easy to use framework empowers business owners and senior managers to move organisations from a reactive position to a proactive one. Small to medium enterprises are classically absorbed in their day to day business; add the current Covid-19 situation, and there is a further overlay of uncertainty. This behaviour can easily result in over-looking the longer-term, but critical benefits of bigger-picture business strategy and planning, with the resulting benefits - missed.

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